The hot, humid weather is upon us, and is especially savage as the ground has been so dry. So it becomes even more important that you are properly hydrated and follow sound sun-safety practices when playing golf at NGC.

So where are our water points? Where can I fill my bottle? What aids are available to help me cope with this heat?

DON'T finish up like this after your round of golf!!

Firstly, fill your water bottle in the half-way bar from the water cooler - its free! While talking of free, use the sun screen cream dispensed in the half-way bar as well. Of course if you want bottled water or propriety water with electrolytes (we sell Powerade, etc) you can purchase these from the Golf Shop & bar.

There are numerous water fountains around the course - back of #4 green, between #5 green and #6 tee, front of #8 tee. On the back 9 look for water outlets after teeing off on #13 (adjacent to #12 green), water in #14 tee, beside #15 tee, and finally behind #16 green.

Many players are using their umbrella holder on the buggy to provide shade as they play. A hat with brim is better than a cap, and a cap/visor is better than nothing!

The golf shop has a range of products to help you maintain your cool!!  We also stocks 'arm socks' which are UV treated for your protection (much cooler to wear than a full vest).

And finally, on the bar is a cooler filled with iced water to take the edge off your thirst so you do not gulp down your first beer!!