11 Dec 21




 Read here to understand the latest Queensland Government Health Directive and how it applies to us as golf players at Nambour. 

Nambour Golf Club


Playing of golf-

Vaccinated and unvaccinated players may all play golf, share a golf cart, eat and drink while playing golf and be allowed to enter the Golf Shop to pay fees, collect score card and purchase food and drink. Players can also use the rest rooms.

All players must register with the QR code or fill in in the registration form to play golf.

After the round unvaccinated players must leave the golf course, golf shop and surrounds. They can purchase food and drink for take away purposes only.

Entry to Clubhouse.

The only entrance to the clubhouse will be by way of the golf shop, and up the stairs near the coffee machine.

Only players and visitors who are vaccinated can enter the clubhouse. Your proof of vaccination will be checked at the stairs before entry can be granted.

There could be some inconvenience with this procedure as staff might not always be at this checking point. Please be patient, as we are doing the best we can in managing this PUBLIC HEALTH DIRECTIVE. Remember these are not the club’s rules.

The Qld Police will enforce the Chief Health Officers directives and associated legislation

Thanking You

Nambour Golf Club.