To view the new rules brief video, click on this link New Rules of Golf Videos . This videos is brief (just over 2 minutes),  well explained, very descriptive and has excellent illustrated diagrams.
For a more detailed video study, try this linkwhich is more lengthy (17 minutes), but gives an excellent explanation of the major changes 
For a good, gentle introduction to what's in store with Rules changes, read on for Captain Cal's "Brief Description of Changes"

Captain Cal's "Brief Description of Changes" Brief description of rule change
Rule number
Video category
Players Edition illustrations

Dropping height
Rule 14.3b
Video “Dropping and measuring”
P. 80

Relief area location and size
Rule 17.1d
Video “Dropping and measuring”
P. 105-6

Ball must come to rest in relief area
Rule 14.3c
Video “Dropping and measuring”
P. 82

Relief from penalty areas – lateral and back-on-a-line
Rule 17.1d
Video “Dropping and measuring”
P. 105-6

May take unplayable ball relief from bunker under 2 stroke penalty
Rule 19.3
Video “Areas of the course”
P. 119

May move loose impediments anywhere on the course (bunker, penalty areas)
Rule 15.1a
Video “Areas of the course”

May ground club in penalty areas
Rule 17.1
Video “Areas of the course”
More specific reference to grounding club in the full Rules of Golf

May leave the flagstick in the hole when putting on the green
Rule 13.2a
Video “Areas of the course”

May repair any damage on the putting green
Rule 13.1c
Video “Areas of the course”

No penalty for accidentally moving ball while searching for it
Rule 7.4b
Video “Ball at rest”

No penalty for ball hitting self, partner or equipment
Rule 11.1a
Video “Ball in motion”

Time reduced to 3 min for search
Rule 18.2a
Relief rules

No penalty for a double hit
Rule 10.1a
Video “Playing a ball”

Touching the line of play on green
Rule 10.2b
Video “Areas of the course”

Changes to definitions or terminology
Water hazards will be known as Penalty Areas
Through the green will be known as the General Area
Casual Water will be known as Temporary Water
a 2 stroke penalty will be called a General Penalty