22 Oct 17


Dear Members, Visitors and Sponsors,
This morning, we have made a decision to postpone The Town of Nambour. At this stage we are looking at November 18 & 19. These dates are to be confirmed.
Ultimately the safety of our members and guests must be the priority but that aside we believe it is a decision that is in the best interests of all our stakeholders being our sponsors, our staff, our members and our visitors.
As you know we have had almost 12 inches of rain in the past 6 days. This morning I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the course has held up. Carts are on today and if we had no more rain the course would be well and truly playable tomorrow.
The issue we have is that more rain is forecast tomorrow. Given the current state of the course, the advice we have received combined with all the experience we have, a further 20 ml’s of rain would more than likely close the course or at best carts would be off.
An incredible amount of work goes into running this event which is why The Town of Nambour is one of the most popular golfing events on the Sunshine Coast. We do everything possible to make the Town of Nambour an enjoyable golfing experience for everyone and to give our sponsors the best value for money we can.
Despite the sensational efforts form our ground staff, the course simply wouldn’t be in the condition The Town of Nambour should be played in. And even with no rain tomorrow there would still be wet patches, the grass will be long in some parts and we will have issues with plugged balls. This all adds up to a 5 hour plus round of golf which simply isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Plus with so much traffic on a damp surface there is the potential to do some significant damage to the course which would undo much of the fabulous work of our volunteers and staff.
We apologise for any inconvenience but I’m sure you understand and will still support The Town of Nambour next month when the course will be perfect and we can all enjoy.
Now that I have said that, tomorrow will be fine and sunny which means we can all still have a game of golf in safe albeit damp conditions. Tomorrow we will be playing a single stableford and at this stage carts are on. If conditions permit, please still come out and enjoy.
Thanks everyone, hopefully see you on the course tomorrow.
Peter Black