14 Oct 20


Ross Jackson was so pleased with himself on Wednesday (14/10) that he started buying beers for any other players who came into the clubhouse. How do you get that pleased?

Have a hole in one, that's all! Ross aced the 14th hole, and already urban myths abound.

One story was that his tee shot flew over the top of the flag, hit and bit on the green spinning back into the hole. One of his ex-mate said no, he topped a driver and it bounced all the way down to the green and dashed into the hole, being lucky the flag was in the way. Another 'witness' said it just trickled onto the green and with a dying effort, it stumbled into the hole.

Don't know which story is closest to the truth, but it is true that Ross said he has waited 50 years to have a hole in one, so he bought a beer for any other player in the bar because he wanted everyone to celebrate his feat and share in the pleasure. 

Well done Rosco, on both counts!!