31 Jul 20


Andy and the boys have been busy - read on to find out how they are managing the course for us to play on.


The course staff have been busy and lucky enough to continue normal work maintenance over the last few months.

Due to the virus situation to golf clubs there had been a few alterations to the course: noodles added to cup holes to decrease contact of flags, and with sand buckets and bunker rakes removed from the course. Overall, the members adjusted very well and this will continue to remain in place until further notice from Golf Australia. I must say, I now look at pool noodles in a different way.

The amount of golfers we have seen over the last two months has been amazing! Our smaller tee areas which sit in shade have seen more wear than normal. We have applied more fertiliser to these tees, however with the amount of traffic and environment conditions, we continue to see to these tees struggle. I have oversowed certain tees with rye grass to help with coverage through the winter stage.

The course is in very good shape! Fairways have had continued fertiliser applications keeping them healthy and in good colour.

The greens surfaces are still being cut at 4mm and rolled in between non mowing days. There is also days that the course staff have been resting the greens from mowing and rolling to try and help with relieving the stress of the greens that suffer from shade and that hold moisture.

In past years all greens were oversowed with winter grass to help with coverage, however this year I am NOT oversowing as I continue to improve the condition of the overall health of the greens as I don’t see the need to do this procedure. However, certain greens that are in constant shade will struggle through this time and I ask for members to be patient as this will be a benefit for the surfaces in the future as we continue to spray out the winter grass that has been imported from previous years.

Last month we had the greens aerated with Air2g2, and this machine releases gases from the profile at a depth of 300mm, and the results are showing.

This machine has been used once a year and is great that golf can continue straight away.

The course staff have trimmed and sprayed all tree bottoms, applying a herbicide that will last at least 3 months.

All bunker edges have been trimmed, cart paths are continually being attended to weekly, with our member Dave carrying out work to fill in any pot holes and topping up cart paths where needed.

All dams are at full capacity except the dam on the 5th.

Many questions have been raised by members of why the dam on 5 is so low?

There is an answer! And no, it is not leaking. In April we installed a new pipe to siphon water from this dam to our main holding dam on 13.

Since installing the new pipe, I have used and tested to see how much water I can use without running a motor. This has been trialled now so I am prepared for our busy summer time.

Just recently this week we have been hit with rain! Within days the course has gone from amazing to sloppy in areas due to carts in wet areas.

Areas including the front of 3 have been roped off and several other areas on the course. Temporary paths have been added so we can continue golfing through the winter period.

This month we will be discussing course machinery plans for the future and I will present this plan in next month’s reports.

It’s great to see so many members supporting the club. The course staff will continue to maintain and look after some struggled wet areas, and I please ask all members to take care of your course with driving your golf cart, looking out for directional cart signs and sticking to cart paths.