12 Feb 20


Mike Peall has reeled off another great round, but what is so special about it?

The greens had just been renovated, making putting just that more challenging; the day was a scorcher, with humidity just under 100%, and Mike was one of the few who chose to walk our course on such a stinker. 

But, Mike stayed in the moment, maintained his focus, managed the course with precision, putted boldly and with confidence. He said he was focussed, calm and just 'floated' along. Just what all the coaching gurus tell us to do. 

The outcome? Mike shot a subpar round of 67, picked up 6 birdies (two of them tap-ins from near eagles), and managed to beat his age by 4 shots! Not that this is the first time he has shot his age, but it is the best scoring under his age.  

Well done Mike!