23 Sep 19


Greens have been renovated. But is it necessary? What have Andy and the team been up to - read his monthly report.

What do the experts say? 

Renos complete - but are they necessary? They just made golf harder for me, so isn't there some better way to look after the greens? Check out this link  Renovating the Greens  to see what is involved, and why it is a necessary interruption to your golf!


This month, course renovations to the greens were carried out and completed.

We successfully removed thatch and aerated, followed by adding fresh sand and organic products to the profile of the greens.

All greens prior to renovations were hand weeded and sprayed for treated foreign grass. This procedure was successful and as we move into the third week, small bare areas from where the chemical was targeted is easily notable. With still having no rain in sight the greens recovery is a little slower with only using effluent water to the greens.

This week we have applied a follow up application of fertiliser to the greens and this will see the struggled greens push through to full recovery over the next few weeks. We will also be doing another light top-dress of sand to all greens on Tuesday 1st October.

We have recently lowered the heights of the greens mower to 3.7mm, and this will be gradually brought down to 3.2mm over the next two weeks. Small bumps and rough ball roll will be improved with the sand settled into the aerated holes and we can now use the roller to improve the surface and getting the greens back to full recovery.

The last two weeks have been very busy for the staff with replacing a large amount of broken joiners to the irrigation line throughout the course. That is to be expected considering the amount of water that is needed when we haven’t seen any rain.

The coming month will see all course staff attending to all details of the surroundings of the course including:

  • Resurfacing grass to the 4th tee
  • Removal of aquatic weeds to dams
  • Line marking to all hazards
  • Dam walls and tee banks snipped
  • 18th hill and clubhouse area snipped and treated for weeds.
  • Front car park entrance pruned and tidied.
  • All paths will be edged
  • Pot holes filled with road base to cart paths
  • Tee markers and metre signs trimmed and painted
  • Bunkers will be reshaped and filled with new sand in the first week of October
  • Fairways tees and green surrounds will have an application of fertiliser pending, only if we receive at least 5mm of rain over the next few weeks.