8 May 19


While away on a golfing trip, Viv found a new swing. Impressive? Check this out!

Steve Trotter, Lindsay Amos, Brett Maunder and Vivian Lawson took a golfing road trip down south. The team attacked four courses from their base at Ocean Shores. As well as OSCC, they played Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Windaroo Lakes. Chucking in $20 a player at each of the the four courses, they played skins competition over the four days.

Most successful was Brett, coming out on top with winnings of $120, followed by Steve with $80. Lindsay pocketed $64. But the biggest winner really was Mz Viv Lawson. He may have pocketed only $48, but he did find a swing which suited him perfectly. Have a look at his style as he swings into action here. Photo supplied by his amazed mates!! 

Wonder if he will be invited to tour again with them??