21 Dec 18


Water seems to feature in this month's report - rainfall, dam overflow, drainage channels, irrigation system. What else is happening?

This month we have received a total of over 180mm already and that was much needed for the course.
The course irrigation system is back running in normal order.
We have completed works on the dam with removing over 200 cubic metres of silt to the dams floor, with also adding in a spill way to the end of the dam that now sits lower than the 12th fairway, and this will now help move the water away from these fairways when receiving large amounts of rain.
The concrete walkover bridge in between the 3rd and 4th fairway has been removed and drain cleaned out which will also help with the large water flow that feeds from the everglades. Already after seeing 200mm of rain, this has helped with the time factor of water moving through the main pipes faster.
Greens have been running a little slow only due to the moisture, and are still being mowed at the same height of 3mm as we continue to roll twice a week. Greens will receive a small groom (dethatch) and dusting early January as we move closer to renovations.
February renovations will be slightly heavier, with using 5/8 solid tines for coring and scarifying off 4mm with heavy top-dress, and full report on renovations will be in next month’s report.
All machinery has been updated with services.
There is currently another breakage to our main pipe that directs downwards of the 5th fairway, and this will be looked at with Kev and his excavator at some point in January. It has been roped off and I ask members to take care and not to enter inside the area.
Members may have noticed small holes all over the entire 11th green; this has been managed by removing all small weeds, mainly crow’s foot without chemical.
As mentioned in last month’s report we have started a spraying programme with removing small foreign grass in the blue couch greens, whilst we remove weeds in the 328 greens by hand.
We are aiming to have all greens weeded before our renovations in February.
There has been an attack of fairy ring that is a fungi disease that has showed on a few greens and green surrounds, this has been treated and will be monitored carefully.
With plenty of rainfall and humid days brings a lot of growth to the course, we continue to snip paths dams, and plenty of mowing over the course.
On behalf the course staff I wish everyone a safe and merry Xmas and will see you all in the New Year!