22 Jan 19


Greens Renovations are coming up. What is the schedule of work?

It has been a busy start to the year and there has been plenty of mowing, snipping and a lot of watering to the course already this month. With the upcoming forecast of ‘no rain’ we will start to see the course harden and the greens staff hand-watering greens and tees. Prior to renovations, I have planned to attack and trial a spray programme of targeting the carpet grass that I have talked about over the last 12 months.
The week before renovations I will be boom-spraying all greens with a selected chemical that has been used on the 12th as a spot spray. With a positive outcome, this should remove any small area of carpet grass (golf ball size) and Mullumbimby to the greens, and the areas of large carpet grass will still remain as the root system on these areas are at a depth greater than 150mm.
We are approaching renovations to the course greens, and below I will explain the processes of this year’s summer renovation:
DAY 1 4/2/2019
Front 9 closed until 12pm with back 9 open for social golf.
Scarify (de-thatch) at heights of 4mm to all greens.
Blow down and clean-up of removed grass.
DAY 2 5/2/2019
Back 9 closed until 12pm with front 9 open for social golf.
Solid 12mm coring (aeration) to all greens.
Clean up and heavy top-dress of sand to all greens with selected greens for fertilising and watering.
DAY 5 6/2/2019
Greens will have been completed pending weather; we will be applying 3 types of granular fertiliser over the two days Wednesday and Thursday, at night and throughout the day.
As mentioned in previous renovation reports, I please ask golfers to understand our irrigation system and that by turning a valve off while under pressure can cause an expensive repair to the club’s water system.
DAY 6 7/2/2019
We will apply another top-dress of sand if needed to fill holes and continue to rub in and water sand and fertiliser.
Golf will continue as normal with holes only closed on Monday and Tuesday as mentioned.
Greens recovery time will be a little longer as this year we are applying a larger hole with the coring process, as well as a heavier scarify, and greens will be rested and have its first mow the following Monday 11/2/2019.
This will benefit the greens for the coming year, and any questions in regards to the proprosals for this year’s summer renovation, I will be happy to answer.
Starting in February 2019 under positive discussion, every Saturday Monthly Honours we will be rolling the greens, as well as changing holes and checking bunkers. This will be a trial, and if members notice and respond to the extra work being carried out, we will continue this morning preparation throughout the coming year.