15 Dec 18


The R & A new rules come into effect on January 1 next year. There is provision for the Club to introduce some local rules based on the new rules. The Club's new rules sub-committee has reviewed these local rules.

The New Rules sub-committee met recently to consider a number of matters including whether or not to adopt a new Local Rule that allows an alternative to the “stroke and distance penalty” for alost ball or a ball out of bounds.

This new Local Rule is extremely complicated. In our course’s many difficult areas it will be open to so many different interpretations that chances abound for confusion in identifying the correct reference points and/or relief area.

After considered discussion, the sub-committee has decided not to adopt this Local Rule at this stage. This decision will be reviewed at a future date.

Click on this link if you wish to read the Model Local Rule to go to R&A’s website. Scroll down to Model Local Rule E5.

Note that this, nor any of the other Model Local Rules, is NOT a Rule of Golf  but a Local Rule that Committees are given the option whether or not to adopt. NGC is NOT adopting this model local rule.

Cal Roberts, Captain