Andy and the team plan to attack the carpet grass in some of our greens. How will they do this, and how long before we see the effect?

For this and other interesting plans the team has, check out Andy's report. 

I would like to start off with congratulating JakeCrowther in another outstanding win last week in the Nambour Open.

Also big thanks to all members who participated and supported the club in the event.
Weeks leading towards our Open Day, I had aggressive plans to speed the greens up.
I would have personally liked to have had them rolling another foot quicker; however with receiving over 340mm of rain already this month, Mother Nature had its ways again this year right on the week of our Open.

From positive reports from members and visitors after the event towards the greens speed, I will continue to maintain a quicker speed over the coming months. The ground staff had done an amazing job over the last month. It has been a great team effort, including a volunteers group that was organised by myself and Steve. So I would like to thank all members that were present in helping with the clean-up of the debris from the storm, including Owen and John with extra help with the rough mowing. Once again a great all-round team effort from the club!!
The 9th and 14th new turf is now open to be played off. We will be using these back sections in our Monthly Honours. So far so good with the condition of the grass and with watching closely over the next year, we will be using this grass (zoysia) for other tees that need to be reconstructed and turfed due to shade problems.
The nursery green has been very successful, and the blue couch grass has taken off, and over the next few months we should be seeing the green to have more coverage so we can start using for plugging of large areas of carpet grass to our greens.
Over the next month we will be starting a trial of a chemical that can be used to remove carpet grass from the greens with minimal damage to the blue couch. This will be done on small weed areas to the greens on the back nine, starting with the 12th hole.
I have a yearly programme for the next coming year to manage the existing carpet grass and to remove any small amounts of new foreign weeds that have appeared in the greens.

Over the next month the ground staff will be doing a light groom and dusting to the greens to keep the speed and ball roll consistant. With this only being very light there will be minimal effect for golf play
Will continuing to mow rough area, spot spray of weeds to tees and green surrounds, with general maintenance throughout the course.