4 Oct 18


The Nambour Open is fast approaching, so Andy and his team are preparing the course for this signature event for our club. What are they up to?

Renovations were very successful this month, with having Mother Nature help by sending a few showers following completion to the greens.
 We completed all greens over the two scheduled days, with minimal issues to the irrigation system, and watering to the greens throughout the week was successful.
It has been two weeks since renovations and the nutrients of the fertilisers have released and the surface is heading in the right direction ready for our Open day at the end of the month.
The greens received a heavy top-dress of sand following another light dusting last week.While we were scarifying the greens, we transported stolons from the 14th green to the new nursery. This week the stolons have taken root and are looking really good. Once the nursery has full coverage we will be using this to turf doctor carpet grass patches throughout our greens and an update will continue in next month’s report.
We are currently mowing greens at the height of 4.2mm. On Monday 24th September the reels from the greens mower were sent away for sharpening. When we received the heads back I set the heights to a new low of 3mm, with all going to plan by Thursday. This will give us three weeks to increase the speed of the greens whilst rolling on scheduled days leading to Open day.
Leading towards the Open over the next four weeks we will be maintaining all rough areas and general mowing, whilst holding closer to the week we will be snipping bunkers, signs, paths, dams, and additional areas through the course. Fairways and greens surrounds will have an application applied the week prior to the Open, whilst a granular fertiliser to the tees will be on hold until we see some more rain coming.
Over the last two weeks we have had a skip bin so we could completely clean out the two sheds from old rubbish and junk lying around. The bin has been filled and the shed looks great and a lot cleaner.

The 9th and the 14th new tee areas of zoysia are looking great and we should see these two areas in play for the open.