President Peter has returned from Canada (quality time with son Morgan), and surprised by field sizes.

 "I must say it’s great to be home, but where is everybody? Social players continue to rise however, for whatever reason, the number of members playing golf both socially and in competitions is well down." So Peter, Management Committee and Steve have done some tweaking to improve golfing numbers here.

Member Social PlayOn the 1st of July we went down the “user pays” path and commenced a trial for members paying green fees when playing socially. This trial period is almost over and following a review we have made the decision to abolish this fee - members will NOT pay any green fees to play socially. We want our members to enjoy their golf course and play as much golf as possible so hopefully abolishing this fee will encourage more of our members to play. And as we all know, playing more golf is actually good for you. (I just read the article on our website. Thanks Rod). In the past we did have members who insisted on paying a fee to play socially so the payment of any green fee is up to the member.

All Veteran Golfers Invited
Also, from the 1st of October all Veteran Golfers from any other golf club can play in our Vets comp and pay what we pay. That means no additional green fees and carts will be at members prices. We especially want to thank the Vets from other clubs who support our Vets days so if you know of anyone from another club who wants to play in the comp on Friday, please let them know of this offer.

Saturday Social PlayAs I said earlier, competition fields are well down which has left a hole in our budget. To “offset” this downturn in revenue we will be encouraging more social play on Saturdays which means the timesheet might look at a little different on Saturdays. I know what some members might be thinking but please don’t be concerned. We will be monitoring this very closely and will do everything possible to ensure our members are not inconvenienced. Rarely will you see a social player amongst competition players and if your usual time is not available tell us and we’ll do what we can to fix it. When competition numbers pick up we will review the situation. Please note this is a Committee initiative and not a management decision.

Australian Garages Supermarket.A few other things of interest that I would like to share. You will see that the cart shed has been extended. This is to fit in the 6 new carts we are purchasing to keep up with demand. A big thankyou to Ken and Marles Best (Australian Garage Supermarket) for such a wonderful job. Ken and Marles are great supporters of our Club so if you get the opportunity please support them. You won’t be disappointed.

The Town of Nambour is on the 20th and 21st of October.This is one of the premier events on the Sunshine Coast’s golfing calendar so if you haven’t got your name down, get it down so you won’t be disappointed. The course will be in “great nic” and there will be lots of great prizes to be won.
Leading up to the Town of Nambour our greens staff will be hard at work. The mower blades have been sharpened and are back so over the coming weeks you will see our greens get better and better. Andy and the boys are working hard to ensure our course will be at it’s very best by the time the Town of Nambour arrives so please get out there, have a hit and enjoy our course. (Not to mention a bit of practice leading up to the Town of Nambour wouldn’t hurt).

Leonie. Finally I have some sad news for us, but good news for Leonie! Shevhas decided to retire with her last day being Sunday the 7th of October. On behalf of all members I would like to thank Leonie for the wonderful service she has given us all and wish her all the best in retirement. If you get the chance, please take the opportunity to say goodbye.