25 Jul 18


Andy and the boys have worked hard over this month of winter under some trying circumstances

June/July has been a cold, but more so, wet month! With receiving another total over 40mm, there were several days with the course having carts off due to the 16th and 7th being too wet and unsafe.
We had placed a temporary path alongside the 16th fairway so we could carry on golfing; we have discussed future improvements of putting in a permanent path for those holes.
Although the weather conditions haven’t been ideal for the golfers, the greens have held shape and having good grass coverage to get through the next couple of cool months before we renovate the greens in September.
The last two weeks of weather have been fantastic! We have completed all rough areas and course surroundings. Greens, tees, and green surrounds have received a fertiliser application with the fairways being done later this month.
On behalf of the Nambour Golf Club I would like to mention and thank Richard Meiers for purchasing a new bucket for our John Deere tractor this month. As we use this on a weekly basis it is very much appreciated from the course staff and club.
In last month’s report I spoke about our proposed winter projects. This week we have started on the 6th bunker, and will be finalised including all new drainage and removal of rock and replaced with new sand. This will now solve any issue with the bunker holding water.
Moving on from the bunker, we will be resurfacing a small section to the back of the 9th tee with a grass called zoysia, and this was mentioned in last month’s report. Men's tee markers will be moved forward a few metres to help the grass take.
Greens renovations will be mentioned in August's report.