4 May 18


Andy and the boys should hold their heads high, in managing to maintain the course in such good condition against so many odds.What have they been up against? 

It has been another tough month! Not only for golfers but for the course staff and the club itself.

With Mother Nature doing its damage bringing excessive rainfall and consistent shaded days to the greens, these poor weather conditions have made it very favourable to a variety of insects that have impacted on a few of our greens, tees, and surrounds. The most damage was caused on the 11th green. I have identified an insect called mealy bug. Its presence is smaller than a grain of sand; it can be very destructive not only to the surface but also down in the root system.

All greens have been sprayed with a selective insecticide; I will be following up with another application next fortnight. Over the next two weeks the 11th green will be mowed on competition days only and rested on social days to help with recovery.

On the topic of insects, members may have noticed a few wasps on tees and surrounds, again these weather conditions favour grubs and all areas have been sprayed and are under full control.

The ground staff were unable to mow rough areas due to so many rainy days, however with finally having some sunshine last week we were able to get all rough completed.

Over the next month we have a couple of volunteers helping out with some rough mowing to free up the course staff so we can catch up on other work including snipping paths, dams etc.

The nursery green has been on hold this month due to the 18th hole being too wet as we will be using this hole to cross over when we transfer the sand down from the car park.

We have already started with the surface being removed and we will be surfacing the first half with blue couch this month. Depending on weather, this will be all completed by the end of May, and another update will be in May's report.

Due to the poor weather conditions our greens have been raised to 4mm from our height of 3.5mm.

We will still be rolling greens to keep a reasonable speed with having the heights raised. This will now stay at this height through the winter period; all other machinery will stay at original heights.

Selective greens will be over sowed with poatriv (winter grass) during May; more details on this will be in next month’s report.

We can all agree the rain can move so we can get back on top and start enjoying some golf.