27 Mar 18


You have been hearing for some time now about proposed changes to modernise the Rules of Golf. GA have recently advised that these rules have now been finalised and will come into effect on 1 January 2019. 

How do I find out what rules have been changed? 

For details of the announcement on the 2019 Rules please go to the following page of the Golf Australia website – www.golf.org.au/final2019rules

There’s a fair bit to read on this page. Note that as a result of feedback some of the changes proposed have been modified. For example, the dropping procedure. Click on the links to the R&A and USGA to read more as well as view short videos.

The R&A have a Resource Library where you can download documents including the full edition of the Rules of Golf. The finalised version of the Players Edition of the Rules of Golf is not yet available to download.

I’m expecting that before the end of the year the R&A and the USGA will produce more educational material to help everyone gain a good knowledge of the new rules. To communicate the changes at the club level, I’ll work with Rod to publish items on the Nambour website as well as the Notice Board. Other methods will also be considered.

I’ll also be working on getting a full understanding of the changes myself but if you have any questions that aren’t answered on the GA, R&A or USGA websites, please let me know.


Cal Roberts

Club Captain