16 Feb 18


Ken Martin stores his golf clubs in his garage, and throws them into his car on golf days. But now he adds another step in his preparations for golf ......

If you know Ken, he has sight in only his right eye, wearing a black patch over the other eye.
After teeing off last week, he was happily walking down the first hole towards his tee shot.  When he felt something crawling up his right arm, basically on his "blind spot", it took him a moment or two to bring his sighted eye to bear on the area of this sensation. Well, would you expect to see a 4 foot long green tree snake slithering up your arm, from its comfortable "home" it had made in his garaged golf bag?
Ken immediately added a new skill to his resume, becoming a snake handler and relocating the snake on the left hand side of the first fairway, where it appeared happy to seek another home, which I guess would not compare to the secure and comfortable previous one!
Now we haven't heard how Ken's game went that day, after this incident. But I am sure he will tell you!