31 Jan 18


The weather hasn't been kind, but Andy and the boys are still on top of it all!



The start of January has been very dry with fairways hardening and weeds becoming dominant.

The ground staff has started spot spraying a broad range of weeds to the green surrounds and tee tops, while we continue to remove small weeds that are present to our green surfaces.

Thankfully we received a total of 28mm at the end of this month to give the course some colour and moisture.


While we haven’t received much rain I have applied two separate applications of wetting agent to the greens and tee areas. This chemical that was applied is to help hold any moisture to the plant and helps pull through water/moisture to the root system. This product has been very helpful with weather conditions that we have had this month.


The 7th tee has been very hard to place a tee in, more so the back half of the tee area. We have hired a small coring machine to try and loosen and break up the hard surface, as well as applying a wetting agent and gypsum which also helps to break up the area. Unfortunately, with the ground underneath being so rocky the tines only fractured part of the surface. When we start our renovations to the greens in February, while our contractor is here we will use the large coring machine to punch solid tines into the tee and with a top dress of sand I am confident we will have fixed the hard surface issue. The tee markers will be placed forward over the next few weeks while we continue to fix the issue.


As the rough continues to grow behind us we have only had one rough machine out on the course. Our other John Deere out-front mower has an issue with the transmission that is currently at our mechanic's workshop being assessed. I am trying to organise another machine to borrow while this machine is out of action. In the meantime we will continue to have the other machine out daily and do our best to keep the rough down.


Renovations will begin on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th.


Due to the weather conditions, irrigation system and the amount of fertilisers applied, ground staff will be watering greens throughout the days with doing our best to keep in front of golf play. However if the green is still running, turning a valve off to a green can result in a serious cost of damage. So I please ask members to be patient and move to the next hole or wait until the water has finished its cycle. This will only be the week of renovations.


New G.U.R areas have been marked on the course so please see local rule board. Through winter projects, we will be assessing these areas to fix permanently.