11 Jan 18


Summer has been hot and humid - the grass loves it. How is the "Green Team" managing?


Weather conditions for December were excellent with rainfall exceeding 200mm for the month and this has kept the course green and lush with having plenty of sunshine for golf play.

With having these hot, humid conditions we are currently mowing fairways, tees and green surrounds twice a week including our large amount of rough area that has been cut to a height as low as possible for our machines.


While December is the start to our busy months of growth, any project will be postponed and discussed in the next quarter.


Removal of weeds (Greens)

You may have noticed small divot holes filled with sand to a few greens including, 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11. I prefer to use this practise for removal of weeds rather than using a chemical application. The reason for this is most chemicals used on 328 and blue couch greens are to control weeds, not kill.


I have the intention to remove and improve the greens that we haven’t yet lost due to large contamination of carpet grass, with greens such as the 2nd and 5th . This has been discussed about resurfacing in the later future.


There are times that we have to use chemicals, including around green surrounds and tee tops. This is due to the large amount of area to control under time management. We have made a start and will continue over the next month.



Renovations will be held on 12th and 13th February, and will be medium to heavy including:


            A deep scarify of 4mm to remove thatch.

            9mm solid tine core which is our aeration practice, followed by a medium to heavy          top dress.

            9 holes will be closed each day, so please see office for further information.


As the green staff are very busy snipping dams, banks, paths and edges while watching the rough grow behind us, I wish everybody a Happy New year and happy golfing.