4 Nov 17


The October rains were a fantastic and very welcome boost to our course, but not without presenting "the green team" some challenges.

has been a fantastic October for the course, with rainfall exceeding 250mm. With
predicting these weather conditions, I was able to apply an application of
nutrients throughout the course, including fairways, tees and greens surrounds.

Friday, October 21st, myself and Management convened a meeting to discuss the
possibility of postponing the Nambour Open.

was a very tough decision as the greens staff had been working very hard with
preparation of the course, and also Management in the organization of the

decision was to postpone the event until November 18th & 19th, for reasons
that the week leading into the Open we had rainfall amounts reaching 300mm, and
this caused a lot of wet areas which kept our rough mowers parked in the shed,
leaving the course not in what I call the best presentation for the event.
Also, the forecast for the rain on the Saturday was to be more than 25mm. This
was a concern for the safety to golfers in carts in wet and slippery
that the rain has cleared and the sun is out, myself and the course staff can
get machines back out there to prepare the course in excellent condition for
the Open event.

Monday October 30th, the greens were lightly groomed and top-dressed. This will
now be a once a month procedure to my programme for the greens to perfect a
smoother ball roll.
9th and 7th tees are now open and both tees will receive
a top dress in early November to fix up any hollows, tidying up alongside the
tee areas with garden mulch and adding hand rails to the steps on the 9th.

7th green has been an issue with shade, especially during the winter
period, and we have cut and turfed the large bare areas, with having the left
side marked g.u.r to help the area grow and spread. With watching closely every
week, I feel there is a soil problem and an obvious shade issue from the left
trees. Unfortunately these things are a greenkeeper's nightmare as we cannot
touch the trees but we will do our best to control the situation over the
years, and I thank you for your understanding and patience with these areas.