30 Sep 17


This change to rule applied to the sloping area adjacent to Number 7 green, during this dry period, when you can be so unfairly punished for even the best of shots. What is happening? Read more.

Starting Saturday 30 September a section of the Out of Bounds boundary down from the 7th green will be changed to a Lateral Water hazard line.

This change is to provide a better solution than the temporary wire fence put in place when balls run off the fairway or the green into Out of Bounds.  The fence has had to be in place for a number of months during the very dry weather.  There have been problems with applying the Local Rule related to the fence and also for course maintenance.   It is expected this change will increase pace of play because players won't have to go back to play another ball when they don't realize their ball is Out of Bounds. 


Cal Roberts

Club Captain