26 Sep 17


 August/September has been a very dry period, but this has given us opportunity to complete some projects throughout the course.

1st Tee - The entrance has been addressed with a new geo-hex base, turf cut and replaced with better soil profile. We have lengthened the amount of entry point to solve these past problems with wear.

A new 1.8 metre safety fence has been replaced with a small garden including Lilly pillys that will in time be maintained as a safety hedge to protect players on the 10th tee.


9th Tee - A complete reconstruction has been done on the tee, which includes 300mm removal of hard rock base and has been filled with sandy base with incorporating a rich turf underlay soil.


A huge thank you to Mick Hobbs who built the retaining wall/steps and with overall help with the team and myself to construct and complete this tee over the last two weeks.


7th Tee - I would like to notify the members and committee about the works I have done and understanding our future outcome of the 7th tee:


The tee has suffered over the years not due to bad soil or lack of care, but due to a very bad shade environment.


With the trees along the side of the 7th not being on our land we are unable to remove any trees to help with sunlight, therefore we will always have an issue of growth to our tee area.

However I have removed the top layer with applying a more suitable profile and a different couch grass through the summer period. Just before winter next year we will trial a winter grass on the tee that is also more shade tolerant.


18th Car Park Area - Works have been completed with a new concrete path leading to existing 18th path.


An area has been roped off and a guide track that will stay in place until area has been completed - see website for dates.


Future discussion will be decided on members parking down at the sand pile area.



I am very happy to have completed my first renovations here at the club. For these renovations I have trialled a new aeration machine from Airgronmics. They are a contract team that applied their machine to all 18 greens the week before renovations.


This new technology drives a 12 inch probe into the greens profile with blasting air and releasing the gasses trapped inside, the same process as the coring machine that we have used, except the benefits are extraordinary.

After two days they had completed our greens and after a light roll you physically couldn’t see any damage from the aeration process.


As many superintendents are now starting to use this machine and after personally seeing excellent results I will continue to use this for our future renovations as we have had a quick recovery which means more golf play.


Greens were dethatched at 4mm with a medium top-dress following a light top-dress a week later.


The greens are fighting with this dry weather and the ground staff and myself are doing our best with keeping the water up, but I’m sure everyone understands some rain would be great!!.

Two weeks out from renovations I will be lowering the heights to 3.5 mm to the greens.


Lastly I would like to say a big thank you to ALL volunteers that have helped me and the team complete all these projects. It has been very busy and I am very happy with the outcome and how much we have achieved together as a club.


A great number of volunteers came through to help lay the turf on 9th and 7th tee and the 1st project. I apologise for not mentioning names but I really appreciate the help from everyone that turned up.


The next month we will be looking at tiding up bunkers/paths, opening new areas to be back in play and looking forward to presenting our course next month for our Open day.