20 Sep 17



Dear Members,


I hope you are all enjoying the sensational weather but the time has come where we need some rain. How good will the course be with 2 or 3 inches of rain?


Well, "it's all happening" at Nambour Golf Club. We apologise for any inconvenience but I'm sure you would agree that it is all worth it.


Here is an update on works recently completed and what else is happening around the place.


The drain from the 14th green to the dam on the 16th is now complete and the Council have handed it over to us. We can now start to plan what we do with that area behind the 14th green.


The Council have recently told us what we are required to do to the area left of the new cart path on 8. Hopefully we'll have all the trees planted and the area tidied up shortly.

The cart path at the top of the 18th is now complete, however will remain closed to cars until such time and it has all been tidied up. A review of car access to this car park is being undertaken.  A great job has been done and from the feedback we have received a job well worth doing.






The entrance to the 1st tee is now complete. Not only does it look sensational but the actual tee will only get better and better.

The 7th and 9th tees are complete and we're hoping it will be open for play in 3-4 weeks. How good does the 9th tee look?

The garden next to the 5th tee is also complete and looks great as do all the gardens around the Clubhouse. You can certainly tell there's been a "ladies touch".

The bunkers have all been re-cut with new sand. They're simply the best they've ever been.



As you have seen, lots of work has happened. None of this would have been possible without our wonderful members and our hard working committee (and 1 life member) and greens staff. I can't thank everyone enough not only for the amount of work but for the quality of work that has been done. To call for volunteers and have so many turn up is a sign the culture and atmosphere at Nambour Golf Club is as good as ever.


People don't do this work to have their names mentioned in a newsletter but there are 4 people I need to single out.  The 9th tee box was a $15,000 job but we have done it for a fraction of that thanks to Ken & Marls Best, Kevin Hade and Mick Hobbs. They have supplied the majority of the materials, machinery and labour to make this all happen and as I said before, how good does it look!


A few members have expressed their concerns about how we are funding all of this which is a good thing because it means they care.  You will be pleased to know that everything has been budgeted for. The drainage work on the 14th/16th was funded by Council. The cart paths have been funded by the grant we received late last year plus money from the members cart levy (which the Club has matched) and we have used the insurance money received from all the storm damage earlier this year to not only repair the areas damaged but to improve them. However our biggest source of funding is from our members. The amount of time and resources provided has been remarkable which has allowed us to do so much. Again, we can't thank these people enough.


Over the coming weeks, we will take a breather. We will take stock, reassess our priorities and what needs to be done plus make sure the books balance. Also, Andy and the boys probably want everyone out of the way while they're busy preparing the course for the Australian Garage Supermarket Men's Town of Nambour on the 21st & 22nd of October.


Going forward, our strategy is simple. To grow our business we need to retain our current members, increase our membership and have more social players. The best way we can do that is by presenting our golf course in the best possible condition we can. To do this, in addition to all the improvements we have invested in our greens staff and invested in plant & equipment. For example, the machinery we recently purchased has been purchased for only two reasons. One to improve our greens and two, to improve our tees. Our greens staff is doing a great job and we're all very excited to see how much our course will improve as a result of their work.


As we know, golfers talk to golfers and we are already starting to see positive signs that "word of mouth" is spreading. So please, if the opportunity presents itself to tell someone how good Nambour is, please do so. We should all be very proud with what we have all done.


Thanks again and good golfing everyone.


Peter Black


(Thanks Mike Ruoso for the photos of works in progress.)