11 Jul 17


You may not need to be a long-term member at NGC to recall the quagmire caused after heavy rains as we tried to negotiate the areas around holes 14, 15, 16 and 17!
The long term plan to alleviate the problems in this area is coming to its conclusion. 

Thanks to the continued support from the Council, and in particular the consistent efforts from Councillor Greg Rogerson, the final stages of the flood mitigation on the course is underway. 

The contractors have run a concrete based spoon drain running from the entry point of severe run-off waters from the cemetery hills, across the course to end in the #17 dam. The total cost, all borne by the Council, runs to just under $35 000.
But this is only the final part of the grand plan. Initially, the club put in a deep trench along side the 14th fairway from the tee, to join the existing drain adjacent to the cemetery. This took water away from crossing the #14 fairway into the #14 dam. But the increased water flow shifted the problem further down where it overflowed into the area between #14 green and #15tee.
The old drain which was installed years ago to take water from this drain across to the #17 dam could not handle the increased flow. This was exacerbated on one hand by the fact the pine trees in the cemetery boundary dropped cones, which regularly clogged the drain. The age of the pipe was another problem (a bit like your clogged arteries!), regularly collapsing and being repaired only to break out again at another spot.
The Council again helped out, firstly by removing the pine trees, and rebuilding the cemetery boundary road, including a concrete gutter to again redirect water from the cemetery into a drain down behind #17 tee.
Now this final installation will catch the overflow waters from heavy downpours and contain and direct them along the spoon drain as it flows across into #17 dam. There will be a number of concrete cart crossing built into the drain for golf traffic.
 This project is scheduled to be completed by this weekend. Then let it rain (only at night, on non-golf days) so we can come out and watch the plan in action!!