Andy has some interesting work planned to be implemented over the month of July.

Green Treatment:

  • Greens have all been lightly ‘dusted’ and oversewn with poa annua, and now that it has shot, greens have coloured up nicely. A light sewing means that ducks are less able to feed on the new shoots and gives us more control.

  • Last Saturday, for Mixed Fours Championships, greens holes were cut on the Saturday (in the past, holes were cut on a Friday and lasted over the weekend.)

  • Greens continue to be cut just 4mm, and rolled twice each week, on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

  • A light top dressing will be given to greens on a monthly basis, to help maintain a smoother ball roll.


  • Andy has a bunker restoration plan to be implemented over an extended period. He prefers a full restoration, rather than a temporary ‘top up’. Hence, you will see one or two bunkers being renovated at any time. Currently, bunkers on #9 and both bunkers on #10 have been given the treatment. They have been reshaped, all sand removed and replaced with premium bunker sand (GS 1000 if you want to know!). Within the coming month, the left hand bunker on #1 is due for work.


  • Andy has sourced spare parts and resurrected and restored one of our old mowers. It now is in service, being a tee mower (10mm) and perimeter collar cut and apron cut on each green. This program has just commenced, but as the growing season picks up, you will easily notice the classy effects this creates.

Multi-use unit:

  • A new unit, with multiple attachments,  will be purchased in mid-July.

    • Spray unit for fertilizing tees, greens and fairways;

    • Tipper attachment to facilitate tee rebuilding and delivering sand to the bunkers.

    • Top-dressing attachment – a roller brush to evenly spread the sand top-dressing each month.