5 Jun 17


Andy Boswell is a determined and focussed young man with a clear vision for the role of the green staff team at Nambour Golf Club.
With over 10 years experience as a green keeper, most of those as the 2IC to the Superintendent at Mt Coolum, Andy comes to us well credentialed, well trained and well positioned to deliver on that vision.

The pinnacle for Andy during his apprenticeship at Mt Coolum was his taking out the runner up trophy in the Queensland Apprenticeship Awards in 2010. Having worked under several Superintendents, he has been more than a student of the TAFE course in Horticulture - he has been observant and gleaned the best of practices in staff management and the effects of the differing styles of leadership, to develop his own unique style. He is principally guided by two main ideas:
treating others as I prefer to be treatedbuilding respect and creating a genuine team effort.Consequently, even though Andy has been here only a couple of weeks, he has commenced to implement a staff structure which reflects:

 real communication between staff members and with administrationbuilding support for his teamestablishing consistent routinesmanaging time more efficiently.It is early days for Andy, and he is still getting his head around development of a strategic plan in collaboration with significant others. But he has hit the ground running. 
His Number One Priority is naturally, the greens - not just maintaining what we have, but improving, enhancing and developing them. "There is plenty to do", he said, "but you will notice we have already started. The greens are now cut lower, at 4mm" (Yes, we have noticed Andy, and are thankful!) Green surrounds are to be mown with a "collar", and a" tongue" mowed leading into green entry points at 12 mm. Over the next two months, greens will be cored and fertilized.
Bunkers, by the end of August, will be reshaped, drainage upgraded where necessary, and refilled with PREMIUM sand (I saw the huge piles of sand today and hoped it was for bunkers - yahoo!!)  
Another project to be commenced soon, is rebuilding tees, but Andy is realistic on what can be achieved with this project, given the constraints we face here, financially and with tree shade affecting grass growth. But that doesn't prevent having a go! He is resurrecting one of our mowers and dedicating it to tee grooming.
Andy spoke of the "1%" jobs, little but important. He referred to one you have probably noticed already - the tidy edging of all our paths around the course. This is a 1% job to be routinely attended to - it may not have any effect on your golf, but it does reflect Andy's work philosophy - quality  of care, we can make a difference!
An impressive start Andy - we welcome you to NGC, and look forward to your impact on our course.