28 Apr 17 - 28 May 17


How long can you play the great game for? "As long as possible", say these four venerable gentlemen ( both terms used rather loosely!)

 This four playing members at Nambour Golf Club have an aggregate age of 336 years!! You wouldn't know it, listening to them as they engage in banter much alike some teenagers, taking the mickey out of themselves and one another.
Ken Bowley, the newcomer to the group who have been playing together for well over a decade, has totalled up 85 years on earth (born 1932). Ken arrived here from Sydney (Allamba Heights GC) November 2003 (member for 13.4 years). He is still competitive with his golf, currently playing on 23.
Rob Glenn, a mere 82, arrived at NGC in June 2000 (member for 16.8 years), from his club in Melbourne, where he ran his own engineering business. He is playing off 27, and even playing to it sometimes!
Jim Lord, a well known butcher in Nambour, joined the club way back in July1994 (23 years a member). He is the youngster of the  group, just 81, being born in 1936! He plays off 26.
John Forgan, the senior of the group at 88 (born September 1928), is also the lowest marker in the group, being off 17. John has lost count of the number of times he has been able to shoot his age! John is also a 'local', joining NGC in January 1983, a total of over 34 years! John didn't play today, as he was a bit crook. "John keeps talking about finishing up with golf", said his playing partner. "He gets a bit frustrated as he knows how well he could play this game. Now that standard is harder to achieve." But he keeps coming back!! And I know plenty of much younger golfers who would love to be on a handicap of just 17.
How good do this quartet look?? Lesson - play more golf and live a long happy life!