23 Apr 17


The Sunshine Coast Golf Zone A Grade Pennant player of the year for 2016 is our own Jake Crowther!!
Congrats Jake. How did he earn such an accolade? Who else from Nambour figured in the other grades?

Jake, the first of our golfers to play off scratch, had played in all six pennant rounds, winning five of them, and losing only one. Check out the full pennant player stats for A Graders - click here.
In the B Grade our Chad Hoffman was just pipped in the final round, to be runner up Player of the Year for that grade!
Ex Nambour golfer, Ken Speare (now Caloundra) also figured in the run for Player of the Year, but also became the runner up!
There must be something about players at Nambour, gaining such great skills in mastering the many types of shots required to successfully play well here - and transferrable to any other course!!