24 Apr 17


Our B Grade team played Headland in the finals for the Sunshine Coast Golf Zone Pennant flag. They went into the final tied on 16 points (8 wins, 2 losses) with the eventual winners, Headland. A 5/2 loss in the final belies the wonderful pennant season our B Grade men had to get them into the final.
The Headland boys were just too strong on the day, and perhaps their experience on fast greens gave them an advantage over our boys who are more accustomed to the slower speed of Nambour greens. But we were not disgraced, with several matches which could have gone either way.
Check out the photos of the team in action! 


Finals Team - Jason Witney, Adam Preston (C), Nick Kirkwood, Campbell Inmon, Chad Hoffman, Peter Rogers, James Rocker
Below are photos from the finals of each player, and some of their stats from the pennant season. For a full study of player stats  (from all clubs involved), click STATS

 Jason Witney - H'cap 12, played 8 won 6, squared one.

 Captain, Adam Preston H'cap 10. Played 6, won 1 squared 2

 Nick Kirkwood, H'cap 9. Played 7, won 5, squared 2.

 Campbell Inmon, Handicap 11. Played 8, won 5, squared 1 (Sunk the putt too!)

 Chad Hoffman, H'cap 11. Played 10, won 8.

 Peter Rogers, H'cap 8. Played 9, won 5, squared 1.

 James Rocker, H'cap 7. Played 8, won 6, squared 1.