Veteran Members By Laws & Conditions of Play

Veteran Members Conditions of Play

The following conditions of play are to be read in conjunction with the General Conditions of play that apply to all male members of Nambour Golf Club.


By-Laws of the Nambour Veterans Golfers’ Sub Group

A Division of Nambour Golf Club Inc.

November 2011

(1) Name

The name of the Sub group shall be the “Nambour Veterans Golfers’ Sub Group”.

Herein after called the “Sub Group”. It shall consist of at least thirty (30) members, who are financial members of the Nambour Golf Club.

(2) Objects and Powers

a. To conduct the affairs of the Sub Group within the ambit of the Nambour Golf Club Laws of Incorporation and Club’s By-Laws.

b. To assist Veteran golfers in the Nambour Golf Club in matters relating to playing the game of golf.

c. To stimulate interest amongst Veteran golfers by the arrangement of various competitions from time to time.

d. To arrange sponsorships and the provision of trophies and to accept any gifts or trophies donated for Veteran golfers events.

e. To raise money by means approved by the Sub Group.

f. To affiliate with the Sunshine Coast Veteran Golfers Association, The Queensland Veteran Golfers Union, and the Australian Veterans Union.

(3) Meaning of Terms

“Nambour Veterans Committee” herein after called “Veterans Committee” means the President, Vice President, Captain, Secretary/Treasurer, and two (2) other committee members as may be elected or appointed from time to time.

(4) Membership

The membership of the Sub Group shall consist of financial members of the Nambour Golf Club with an Golf Australia handicap, who have attained the age of 55 years (proof of age to be produced on joining) and have paid the required membership fee.

Visiting members who fulfill age and handicap requirements may be granted visitors membership. Visitor members do not have voting rights and have to pay green fees as required.

(5) Membership Fees

Each member shall pay the appropriate membership fee as decided at the previous AGM, and such fee shall be paid in advance by the end of June each year. (Notices will be sent in conjunction with NGC membership renewal).

(6) Register of Members

The Nambour Golf Club shall keep a register in which shall be entered the names and date of births of financial members. Information from this register shall be made available to affiliated associations.

(7) Membership of the Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee shall consist of the President, Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary/Treasurer and two (2) other members. The election of the Veterans Committee shall take place at the Annual General Meeting. At each Annual General Meeting, the Veterans Committee shall retire from office but shall be eligible for re-election.

(8) Vacancies on the Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee shall have the power at any time to appoint any member of the Association to fill any vacancy on the Veterans Committee.

(9) Functions of the Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee shall have the general control and management of the Association.

(10) Meetings of the Veterans Committee.

The Veterans Committee shall meet as and when required. At every meeting of the Veterans Committee a simple majority of members then serving on the Veterans Committee shall constitute a quorum. A copy of these minutes is to be in the hands of the Nambour Golf Club’s Secretary within two (2) weeks of the Veterans Meeting.

(11) Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held prior to the NCG Annual General Meeting. At the AGM and any other general meeting the members required to constitute a quorum shall be thirteen (13). Every member shall be entitled to one (1) vote, and in the case of an equality of votes, the President or Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep full and accurate minutes of every meeting including Veteran Committee Meetings. Minutes of all meetings will be available for inspection by any financial Association member.

Business to be transacted at Annual General Meeting shall be:

(i) The receiving of the Veterans Committee’s report, the Statement

Of Income and Expenditure, Assets and Liabilities of the Association for the

Preceding financial year.

(ii) The election of the Veterans Committee.

(iii) Notices of Motion

(iv) General business.

( 12) Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Veterans Committee or on the written request of not less than thirteen (13) financial members, and such request shall clearly state the reasons for calling such a Special General Meeting, and the nature and extent of business to be discussed.

(13) Notice of Meetings

The Secretary/Treasurer shall give not less than fourteen (14) days notice of any meeting including Special General Meetings, to all members of the Association. The manner in which such notice shall be given shall be decided by the Veterans Committee. Notice of any general meeting shall clearly state the nature and extent of business to be discussed thereat.

(14) Alteration of the By Laws

The By Laws numbered 1 to 17 may be amended by a resolution carried by a two-thirds (2/3) majority at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose provided a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice of such amendment has been given. This amendment must then be ratified by the Management Committee of the club before it is accepted. Conditions of play (18) can be amended by the veteran’s committee.

(15) Funds and accounts.

The funds of the Association shall be banked into the Nambour Golf Club general account or any approved account by the NGCs Management Committee. A separate ledger shall be maintained in the general account showing all transactions through the ledger on behalf of the Association. A fiscal report of the ledger shall be provided at the end of each month to the Veterans Committee.

Accounts shall be paid on notification to the management staff, by association officers. All monies received shall be receipted and all accounts shall be paid. A full statement of affairs shall be provided to the Association at the end of each financial year. Surplus funds are to be used for the Nambour Golf Club’s benefit.

A minimum amount of $1000 shall be maintained in the Sub Group’s ledger at all times. Nambour Golf Club Management may use monies raised by the Association after consultation and agreement with the Veterans Committee and any monies used must be shown as an asset to the Veterans and records to be maintained in the ledger. All surplus funds in excess of $5,000.00 as at the end of each financial year are to be transferred to the NGCs account showing as a donation to course improvements.

(16) Financial Year

The financial year of the Association shall close on the thirtieth (30th) day of June.


  (17) Subsidies


Host day bus trips and some of the cost of sausage sizzles may be subsidised from the Veterans account, and that the ‘after AGM’ drinks and food, and Christmas party may be subsidised from the Veterans account to no more than $400 in total for these two (2) events.

No consolidated funds are to be used for any subsidy (other than listed below) without the prior approval of the Management Committee. An account will be in the club’s balance sheet showing an up to date balance of the current excess profits from the above raffles. This account must always be in credit.


Current approved subsidies are:

 Away host day bus trips

 Host day costs

 A.G.M. Drinks / Food

 Christmas break-up food and drinks

 Christmas in July food

(18)  Conditions of Play for Competitions

The following conditions of play are to be read in conjunction with the General Conditions of Play that apply to all male members of Nambour Golf Club.


Male members who have attained 55 years of age are eligible to become members of the Nambour Veterans upon payment of an annual fee. Membership will be acknowledged with the issuing of a Sunshine Coast District Membership Card.

Such membership enables the members to participate in:

  • Weekly events as per the Nambour fixture book.
  • Host days that are held in the Sunshine Coast District.
  • Veterans’ Championships, both State and National.

Host Days

Host Days nomination forms within our District will be placed on the Veterans’ notice board. Members who nominate to play are responsible for notifying the host club if they are unable to fulfill their commitment to play in any such nominated event. Home host day shotgun starts will be 8.30am filling the front 9 first and then proceeding from the 10th tee. Tin Can Bay’s day can commence at 9.00am.

Weekly games

Home games are open to a member of an affiliated golf club with an approved AGU handicap. At the time of writing these occur each Friday as per the Nambour fixture book.

Monthly Mug competitions

Division 1– handicaps +4-22.
Division 2 – handicaps 23-36

Protests and Disputes

Protests and disputes are to be made in writing within 15 minutes of completing the round and handed to the Match Committee of the day before presentation of trophies.

            Weekly Prizes (All prizes subjected to field size)

Stroke Play – best net

Division 1 and 2; 1st and 2nd – voucher

Stableford - best net

Division 1 and 2; 1st and 2nd – voucher

Monthly Mug

In the event of the Mug winner not receiving a winners or runners up voucher a $ 30.00  Voucher will be provided from the vets subsidy account..

NTP – 2nd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 14th, 17th, 3 balls

2nd shot 9th

Best front 9 – 2 balls

Best back 9 – 2 balls

Hole in Ones- As per main clubs conditions

Eagles - par 4– 4 balls. Not on holes with temporary greens or tees

Lucky spin – 6 pack. Minimum 80 players

Ball run-downs will be determined by the number of players competing on each competition day. (Approx ¼ of field)

Veterans’ Championships

  1. The event is a stroke event over 4 rounds.
  2. Members must play in 3 out of the 4 rounds as nominated in the yearly fixture book with the 4th round being a compulsory round.
  3. Grades will be determined by the 1st round handicap. Each round will be played off current handicap. Maximum handicap for the Championships is 36.
  4. Division 1 handicaps +4 – 22
  5. Division 2 handicaps 23-36
  6. In the event of a tie after round four in the gross and nett events, a count back on the last round will decide the winner.
  7. A player cannot win two (2) championships. The gross events are honor board titles and are the main prize.
  8. Events are Winner and runner up in gross and nett events of both divisions
  9. Motorized carts are able to be used by members participating in the event.
  10. Championship rules can be changed by the Committee.

Allen Horsfall Shield

This shield is presented annually at the Christmas break-up. The winner is determined by the Veterans player who has had the best six (6) scores of stableford over the year (Jan-Nov).



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