RULE: Slow Play - who care?

Whenever stroke rounds are played, we get to hear about the slow play!!

Everybody needs to be aware of Pace of Play. It should take just under 4½ hours to play on a stroke day. All other competitions should be faster.

You are not expected to run around and not enjoy your game,
Players use these types of strategies to maintain a good pace of play:


· If it is safe, walk directly to your ball and prepare for your shot. You can then play immediately it’s your turn.

· It is quicker to “putt out”. Often you can read and prepare for your putt while other competitors putt.

· Leave your buggy on the “away side” of the green.

· If you have the honour, mark your card after hitting.

· If you get behind make the effort to catch up over the next few holes.

· If a lost ball is going to hold up play then call the next group through.

· Pick up in stableford when you can’t score.

· Walk briskly - don’t stroll.

What do other clubs do?

· Write start and finishing times on score cards, to monitor players speed

· Charge extra for competition fees and employ a marshal.

· Penalize slow players. (Invoke Rule 6-7)

What are we doing?

· Looking to adjust start times to spread players evenly on the course.

· Discouraging players from STOPPING after 9 holes.

· Identifying slow players, and assisting them to make adjustments. 




Match Committee

What Does the Rule Say?

Rule 6-7. Undue Delay; Slow Play says, “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.”

Penalty for Breach of this rule: Stroke Play– two strokes. Subsequent offence-disqualification. Stableford Comps– two points deducted from your total scored for the round. Subsequent offence-disqualification.