RULE: Slow Play - who care?

Whenever stroke rounds are played, we usually get to hear about slow play!!
Everybody needs to be aware of Pace of Play. It should take just under 4.5 hours
 to play on a stroke day. All other competitions should be faster.
You are not expected to run around and not enjoy your game,

Players use these types of strategies to maintain a good pace of play:
· If it is safe, walk directly to your ball and prepare for your shot. You can then play immediately it’s your turn.
· It is quicker to “putt out”. Often you can read and prepare for your putt while other competitors putt.
· Leave your buggy on the “away side” of the green.
· If you have the honour, mark your card after hitting.
· If you get behind, make the effort to catch up over the next few holes.
· If a lost ball is going to hold up play then call the next group through.
· Pick up in stableford when you can’t score.
· Walk briskly - don’t stroll.

What do other clubs do?

· Write start and finishing times on score cards, to monitor players speed

· Charge extra for competition fees and employ a marshal.

· Penalize slow players. (Invoke Rule 5-6a)

What are we doing?

· Looking to adjust start times to spread players evenly on the course.

· Discouraging players from taking a LONGER than NECESSARY break after 9 holes.

· Identifying slow players, and assisting them to make adjustments. 

What Does the Rule Book Say?

Rule 5-6a. Unreasonable Delay of Play says, “You must not unreasonably delay play, either when playing a hole or between two holes."

Penalty for Breach of this rule:

  • Penalty for first breach: one penalty stroke.
  • Penalty for second breach: General Penalty
  • Penalty for third breach: Disqualification
Rule 5.6b lists some good recommendations for achieving a prompt Pace of Play.






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