Full Membership of the Nambour Golf Club for the year ending 30 June 2018 is $845.00


A pro rata fee is available at the start of each month for those who join through our golf year (contact the Office for  the current pro rata fee). Keep an eye out for any special promotional membership deals that may appear from time to time on our Home Page. 

There is no nomination fee!  

Membership Fees 1.7.18 - 30.6.19

  Gender - Code TOTAL
Full Member Male - FMM $ 875.00
  Female - FMF $ 875.00
Country Male - CMM $ 430.00
  Female - CMF $ 429.95
Junior Minor with H"cp Male - JMM $ 110.00
Under 14 Female - JMF $ 110.00
Junior 14-18 Male - SJM $ 135.00
  Female - SJF $ 135.00
Work 14-18 Male - JWM $ 190.00
  Female - JWF $ 190.00
Student 18 - 21 Male - SIM $ 200.00
  Female - SIF $ 200.00
Work 18-29 Male - WIM $ 315.00
  Female - WIF $ 315.00
Mature Student Male - MSM $ 450.00
  Female - MSF $ 450.00
Sport Season (6 Months) SPORT $ 470.00
Working Away Workaway $ 470.00
Social for Clubhouse only SOC $ 25.00
Temporary up to and Male - TEMPM $ 270.00
including 3 Mths Female - TEMPF $ 270.00

Membership entitles you to unlimited play on our course and also to discounted green fees with reciprocal clubs around the area.  Click on this link to clubs which offer this reciprocal arrangement

  Other additional costs would be competition fees of $14.00 for the day.

If you would like any further details please contact our office phone 5441 2049.

You can email any question or request about membership on

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  • 14 Jul 2018


    Congratulations to Jake Crowther and Sue Cahill. Both have been selected to represent our District Golf Association in the intercup challenge against Wide Bay District Golf this Sunday 15th July 2018 at Maryborough Golf Club. And Suzie has been named CAPTAIN of the District team!

    Your club is proud of your success, and wish you both  good golfing on Sunday.

    Details attached. 

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  • 7 Jul 2018


    Last Saturday, a Monthly Medal event, the entire field in the ladies competition was DISQUALIFIED! How can that happen? What did happen?

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  • 28 Jun 2018


    Wow, Andy and the boys have submitted some interesting development and maintenance plans to the Club management Committee for approval to be included in the Winter Works Program.

    See what he is recommending. 

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    Ladies pennant season has now concluded, with some wonderful results. Which team was in the mix right to the vey end?

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  • 2 Apr 2018


    Our own Jake Crowther is like a terrier when it comes to play off for a major event. And he has done it again!

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