Full Membership of the Nambour Golf Club for the year ending 30 June 2018 is $845.00


A pro rata fee is available at the start of each month for those who join through our golf year (contact the Office for  the current pro rata fee). Keep an eye out for any special promotional membership deals that may appear from time to time on our Home Page. 

There is no nomination fee!  

Membership Fees 1.7.18 - 30.6.19

  Gender - Code TOTAL
Full Member Male - FMM $ 875.00
  Female - FMF $ 875.00
Country Male - CMM $ 430.00
  Female - CMF $ 429.95
Junior Minor with H"cp Male - JMM $ 110.00
Under 14 Female - JMF $ 110.00
Junior 14-18 Male - SJM $ 135.00
  Female - SJF $ 135.00
Work 14-18 Male - JWM $ 190.00
  Female - JWF $ 190.00
Student 18 - 21 Male - SIM $ 200.00
  Female - SIF $ 200.00
Work 18-29 Male - WIM $ 315.00
  Female - WIF $ 315.00
Mature Student Male - MSM $ 450.00
  Female - MSF $ 450.00
Sport Season (6 Months) SPORT $ 470.00
Working Away Workaway $ 470.00
Social for Clubhouse only SOC $ 25.00
Temporary up to and Male - TEMPM $ 270.00
including 3 Mths Female - TEMPF $ 270.00

Membership entitles you to unlimited play on our course and also to discounted green fees with reciprocal clubs around the area.  Click on this link to clubs which offer this reciprocal arrangement

  Other additional costs would be competition fees of $14.00 for the day.

If you would like any further details please contact our office phone 5441 2049.

You can email any question or request about membership on

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    On a recent Saturday, while playing the 10th a lady member was waiting on or beside the 10th green waiting for a male member to chip onto the green.

    What happened next to peak the interest of Circus promoters? 

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  • 21 Dec 2018


    Water seems to feature in this month's report - rainfall, dam overflow, drainage channels, irrigation system. What else is happening?

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  • 15 Dec 2018


    The R & A new rules come into effect on January 1 next year. There is provision for the Club to introduce some local rules based on the new rules. The Club's new rules sub-committee has reviewed these local rules.

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    Eskimos , allegedly, have 40 different words for snow. But GOLF has more than that number of colourful words for BAD SHOTS. But we have almost nothing for GOOD SHOTS. Inanely, Good Shot/ Great Shot is about the best we can do.

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact we hit many more bad shots than good ones??

    Read on for a list of words/expressions we use for poor shots - how many have you used? Do you have any others? (Profane words have not been included - probably not enough room on the web page.

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    Popular and respected Club Patron Joan Grace celebrated her birthday recently, somewhere about the 21 year mark. 

    Ladies helped her celebrate the milestone day while they were holding their Christmas breakup at the end of November. (Photo attached - read on).

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    The Nambour Ladies had their Christmas Breakup last Thursday 29th.

    ow did they celebrate their golfing year at NGC?

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    Hope springs eternal, and now his wish has come to fruition for Kim - read on to see what he just achieved!

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    It looks a lot cleaner in the “Everglades” between the 3rd and 4th fairways since a team of nearly a dozen volunteers cleaned it out during our latest “working bee”.

    Thanks to all those involved in all the working bees throughout the year – it really makes a difference.

    Check out the photos of these appropriately attired Everglade  magicians! Thanks Charles for the story and these images of our willing workers.

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  • 22 Oct 2018


    A violent storm-shortened event took the gloss of an otherwise brilliant weekend of golf, showcasing some of the region's best golfers.

    To check out who were the successful players, with all the results listed, read on. 

    Go to Gallery  for images of some of the players in action! 

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  • 11 Oct 2018


    Ladies have finalised this year's foursomes championships. 

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