How It Works

The rules are simple:

  • 100 Points will be allocated to each Nambour Golf Club Member who competes in a Saturday Event. Further points will be awarded to the top 30 scores on the day for the Men and top 5 for the ladies. (Not in Grades)

  • Points will be multiplied by 1.5 for Monthly Mug days.

  • For team events, points will be awarded to all participants in the team.

  • After the last event in November the top 30 players for the men and top 5 for the ladies will be eligible to win the NGC Challenge. (Which will be renamed when we announce our sponsor) The final will be played on Saturday 14th December 2019. Points will be reset for the Final.

  • A Player can win more than one Monthly Prize but only one end of year prize and only 1 final prize. Members must be financial to be eligible for any prizes.

  • The grade the player was in at the start of the event is his grade for the year. (Not applicable for the ladies)

  • The Match Committee reserves the right to vary any of the above. Their decision regarding disputes or interpretation of the rules will be final.

  • Points will be allocated as follows: 

Position     Points       Mug Days

1                  200            300

2                  190            285

3                  180            270

4                  170            255

5                  160            240

6                  150           225

7                  140           210

8                  130           195

9                  120           180

10                110           165

11                105           158

12                100           150

13                  95           143

14                 90            135

15                 85            128

16                 80             120

17                 75             113

18                 70             105

19                 65               98

20                60                90

21                55                83

22                50                75

23                45                68

24                40                60

25                35                53

26                30                45

27                25                38

28                20                30

29                15                23

30                10                15

Results will be updated weekly and placed on the board in front of the freezers in the main clubhouse plus we will send out regular emails.

Our Sponsor, Sunshine Mitre 10 allows us to offer the following prizes:

  • Monthly prize will be awarded for the Men's A, B,C Grade & Ladies player with the most points scored in the month.

  • Monthly prize will be awarded to the runner-up in Men’s A, B, C Grade & Ladies player.

  • At the end of November a prize will be awarded for the overall Men's & Ladies winner plus the A, B, & C grade's leading points scorer of the event.

  • Following the final on the 14th of December, there will be a prize for the overall men’s and ladies winner plus a winner, runner-up and Bradman’s prize in A, B, C Grade and ladies.

After the final event on Saturday 14th December a presentation will be made for the End of Year Prize Winners and the Final prize winners. Finger food will be supplied for all members, visitors and the event sponsor at the presentations. A morning and afternoon shot gun start will be planned for the day so we ask players that are in the top 30 for men and top 5 for ladies play in the afternoon shotgun so hopefully the prize winners will be present at presentations.

Our staff have done a great job organising this event and a big THANK YOU for this and for all the extra work it will create. I have no doubt it will be very worthwhile.

Good luck and good golfing everyone.

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