GREENS REPORT November 2020

Greens Report November 2020

Club Championships have finished and congratulations to all winners and I hope that all members enjoyed the course set up over the last four weeks.

What a great month for the course, and despite the rain and with the help of a few members, we have managed to keep the water up to the tees and greens.

Greens are at desired heights and with our new roller starting to get good use throughout the week, surfaces are rolling great and I am very happy with their condition leading into our summer period.

Greens that were mentioned previously that were targeted strongly for removal of carpet grass will be addressed this month in returfing of any areas that have not recovered fully.

These greens will be the 7th, 15th, and 18th.The ground staff will be using grass from our nursery to repair these areas, and I have discussed with our captain Cal Roberts about addressing a ruling regarding the turfed areas. This will be in place as of this week with a new local rule until these areas are fully established. This information regarding the ruling will be provided to members.

Members will notice over this month many areas repaired to the course irrigation, and with seeing minimal rainfall, our irrigation has been going nonstop. Accordingly we have seen more than normal leaks to pipes throughout the course. After we have repaired the pipe, we rope off and leave the area open for a couple of days to observe the repairs before filling in, and these areas are marked GUR with normal local rules applied.

One of the sleepers on the 4th bridge had been deemed unsafe so the staff have applied a temporary board with plans of repairing the entire bridge this month.

The everglades area has been cleaned up with all rubbish piles burned off.

The main dam used for irrigation on the 13th has been cleaned out by an excavator to remove weed and silt built up over time. This has been done twice now in three years and the results are fantastic, providing more pressure, more water holding volume and less requirements for use of harsh chemicals to treat the weeds as the dam is used daily for water supply to our greens.

This month the course has been fully maintained with all rough areas kept down in height allowing the course staff to complete a few other jobs such as spot spraying all greens surrounds, and also including all tee areas and some greens.

An application of fertiliser will be applied to all tees when we have some promising rainfall. In the meantime we will continue to keep the water up to the tees with the help of staff and our volunteers

The drain on the 5th hole has been repaired, and has been temporarily roped off for safety reasons. Next month we will add some additional turf around the bottom area of the pipe to complete the project.

Over the next month heading towards Christmas, course staff will be continuously mowing rough and general areas to the course, with ongoing watering through this dry period. Fertilising to any areas other than the greens will be on hold until further rainfall.


  • 8 Dec 2020


    Nambour Ladies Christmas breakup was held on Thursday 26th November. Entertainment provided by Gail & Jo. Never easy with a tough crowd. Congratulations to all the winners. New member Kristine Dinnerville won Best Handicap Reduction, 9 shots this year, well done Kristine. Merry Christmas to all our ladies & members.

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    Gail Campling
    Nambour Ladies Golf Club

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  • 24 Oct 2020


    No need for the putter in this hole, where Ken had his second ace!

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  • 3 Nov 2020


    Our NGC Ladies and Veteran golfers have installed their committees for the next golfing year.

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