GREENS REPORT December 2020

The Christmas wish list for the course staff has come through early with receiving rainfall totals over 300mm in the month so far.

What has this done for the course?

Just from the first storm alone came with heavy falls and destructive winds, felling plenty of trees throughout the course. Most cart paths had been washed away, all bunker faces needed pushing up and not to mention over 50 ute loads to clean up. With the help of a couple volunteers and our small team of groundsmen, everyone did a great job to get our course back in action within days.

Whilst the bunkers were under G.U.R the team had snipped and weeded all bunkers with adding fresh sand to the bases.

Prior to receiving the rain that we much needed, all of our dams were down to 10%, meaning that effluent water was on the cards for filling our dam that supplies to greens and some tees.

Although it is great to have access and use of effluent water, there is a couple of key reasons why I have chosen to limit the use of this water to our greens at Nambour. Over the last 12 months I have used it on only two days, and this has not only saved the club money but most importantly the long-term effects it has on the soil profile, sodium deficiency and other key issues that effect the month to month programme I have in place to improve the soil of our greens.

So, the large amount of rainfall has been greatly appreciated, not only to fill our 3 dams completely but to also give our volunteers a break from hand watering out tees.

The three greens that were struggling from the removal of carpet grass have been re-turfed, and now all greens are in great condition.

With all the rain we just received there has been the obvious rapid growth to the entire course, fairway rough and especially the greens surrounds, therefore we have dethatched and scalp cut these areas with our fairway mower. This is done a few times through summer to keep the height down and I also think it looks great!

Both bridges on the 4th and 18th holes have been temporary repaired for safety concerns and will be rectified with a new bridge to both areas towards the end of this month and completed by the end of January.

A quick example of our irrigation output is, in one night’s cycle our water system uses on average 50,000 litres. On average compared to other clubs on the coast their average usage is 500,000 to 1,000,000 litres per night. That is 10 times the amount of water used in one night!

Richard Meiers organised a small team of volunteers to hand water our struggling tee blocks. This has been done on consecutive days allowing me to focus our small output of water directly to our greens during the night. Thank you to all of you that have helped my team with the upkeep of water through this dry month, it is much appreciated.

I would also like to thank all other members that have dedicated their time to help the greens staff and club with the work throughout the course this year. This has included jobs such as cart path repairs, everglades clean-ups, fire burn-offs to our rubbish piles, hand weeding, and work to our steps and bridges.

From all the course staff we wish all members and staff within the club a safe and Merry Christmas.




  • 8 Dec 2020


    Nambour Ladies Christmas breakup was held on Thursday 26th November. Entertainment provided by Gail & Jo. Never easy with a tough crowd. Congratulations to all the winners. New member Kristine Dinnerville won Best Handicap Reduction, 9 shots this year, well done Kristine. Merry Christmas to all our ladies & members.

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    Gail Campling
    Nambour Ladies Golf Club

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  • 24 Oct 2020


    No need for the putter in this hole, where Ken had his second ace!

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  • 3 Nov 2020


    Our NGC Ladies and Veteran golfers have installed their committees for the next golfing year.

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