Greens Report August 2020

Well, it has been another good month for the course with favourable weather conditions, the rain has come at the right times and the days have been perfect, allowing the course staff to snip all dam walls, tee banks and complete all rough area.

Drain pits, path edges, 18th and 12th banks have also been snipped.

Bunker edges have been trimmed with the 6th bunker having some work done to the drainage.

Last month was a little different with the rain and we received more than we needed and therefore the course staff have added more ropes than I can remember.

The right-hand side of 3 near the green has been roped off and will remain until the area starts seeing some sun and growth again. The 7th hole has been roped off with tee markers moved forward from the tee for players safety. This will be moved back this week to normal play.

Other areas have been roped off in front of greens, side of tees and any other general wet areas. This has been put in place purely to block unnecessary use from golfers where there are cart paths. Regarding cart paths, in the last 3 months the club has purchased 3 loads of road base that is for repairing cart paths.

A big thanks to Dave that has been helping most Mondays in repairing paths throughout the course.

I please ask our members to use cart paths where they are available and to understand the limited growth and wet areas around our green surrounds this time of year: together we can do our best to look after our course.

This month we will be looking at cleaning out the main dam for weeds underneath the surface with an excavator, and we will be using a herbicide application to treat the weeds in the 17th dam next week.

Plans for cleaning up the nursery area have not been ignored, and I have booked in a day with Kevin our machine member who will be spending the day with me on September 1st to remove the surface of foreign grass, fill and shape with sand and have ready for growth of new grass used from our renovations the following week.

Next month members will notice some new machinery on the course. These three machines include Rough mower, Greens roller, and surrounds mower. We currently have all three machines in working order and have reached turnover time with age and hours.

The course is in great shape, with all general and surrounding areas maintained and kept neat, while an application of fertiliser will be applied at the end of the month to green surrounds and all fairways.

As I have explained through many reports, our greens suffer from severe shade, and this year these greens such as 15, 6 and 7 are holding on better than I thought, considering they have not had any oversow of winter grass. This means the transition from winter to summer for the surface of these greens will be a positive.

Without removing the severe tree issues around these greens, we will see this problem every year, but I will continue to manage and protect the surface through a difficult winter period with the understanding and patience from golfers.

There has been a large amount of questions that myself and the other course staff have been asked about the carpet grass problem in our greens. I have supplied information regarding the carpet grass issues, and this includes, ‘What are we doing about it?’ ‘Why have we not sprayed it?’ ‘Is there a chemical that can kill the carpet grass without killing the blue couch?’ ‘And are we building any greens?’

As mentioned I have explained as best as I can what our plans are and what we do to control this issue throughout our golfing calendar, and these are noted in many reports. Any members that have missed previous reports, I have attached a special one specifically targeting the questions that members have on this issue.

With the course looking great, its that time of year for renovations, and the procedure this winter is explained below:

September 7 Monday:

· All greens scarified at a depth of - 4mm

· Removal of thatch and cleaned down and ready for coring.

September 8 Tuesday:

· All greens cored with a tine of 12mm (solid).

· Followed by a heavy top-dress and fertilisers and amendments applied.

Wednesday - Sunday:

· Pending any rain ground staff will be continuously irrigating all greens so I please ask members to be patient if the water system is running and to NOT touch any valves as this can cause severe damage to the system.


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