GREENS REPORT September 2020

Greens Report September 2020

This month we have seen the completion of spring renovations to the greens.

The two day renovations were a success with all greens deeply scarified and aerated with a solid tine of 12 mm, followed by 2 types of amendments and added gypsum mixed in with our topdressing sand. On the Monday following renovations, greens had their first mow and another medium top dress.This was the second top-dress for the greens and will be the last until the greens are back in full recovery.

Prior to renovations all greens were targeted for the removal of carpet grass; certain greens such as 7 and 18 were hit with two separate applications and after two weeks post renovations, the bare areas from where the carpet grass was are very notable. As this looks bad to the eye as other greens are looking really good, the removal of carpet grass is a positive for our club, and with a little patience from our members these areas will push back to full coverage.

Over the next few weeks these areas will have added fertiliser mixed in with light topdressing to help push the blue couch over the bare areas, and in areas where the removal of carpet grass was larger, the course staff will start using small turf plugs from our nursery green.

With the greens sitting two weeks today post renovations, I am very happy with the condition that they are presented in. They are very healthy, and the removal all foreign weeds was a success.

Greens are being mowed on average every second day at 5 mm, and the staff will slowly bring the height down over the next two weeks from 5 mm to 4 mm to 3.5 mm for final height pre-summer period. The greens roller will come into action next week when the sand has fully washed in from irrigating.

The 7th hole has had some changes over the last couple of months with the main tee area for the men being out of play. This was put in place due to some players slipping in wet areas down the left hand side slope. The decision was made purely for players’ safety as a short term process and now that we have moved from the cold conditions and with minimal rain, we have now opened the tee area up.

With the amount of players we have had over the last 3 months, members and social, some of our little tees have had a lot of wear, and these tees normally struggle anyway without the large numbers due to the shade and small size of area for markers etc.

These tees have had extra attention with fertiliser, however some areas will be returfed for our summer period.

The course staff have constructed a second nursey green next to the blue couch beside the 17th green and the area was constructed and sand applied by Kev and his excavator.

This was all completed before renovations, allowing the staff to use the stolons from the 9th green when we did the scarifying on renovation day.

After two weeks we have got a great strike of new grass, and I am confident that we will have a new 328 grass nursery green to use for turf repairs on our greens for the future.

With our renovations being completed over the last two weeks with less mowing for staff to the greens, we have been able to spice the course up with a full application of fertiliser, with all tee areas fertilised with a tee grade granular. All fairways and green surrounds were sprayed with a foliar spray.

The course is looking great and with the staff continuing the maintenance of cutting all rough areas this week, freshened line marking was done to hazard areas and all snipping areas were attended to and I am looking forward to seeing the greens back in desired surface over the next month.


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